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Urbane Ultimate with PWRcor™ Highlight


On a scale of 1 – 10 these Urbane Ultimate scrubs give me 10 reasons to find a little joy despite the time we are in (Covid 19 Pandemic). Also, to be honest and transparent- what I look like in these pictures does not accurately depict how I look on the job. Pictures you see are with a little makeup, earrings, a ring, and hair brushed whereas, amidst the Covid 19 Pandemic I have completely rid all makeup, jewelry, wear a mask and basically plaster my hair straight back to reduce any chances of bringing germs to patients or my home (from my rings/earrings)..

Urbane   Ultimate  V-Neck  with   Knit    Panels    X    

Urbane    Ultimate   Yoga   Pant   with.   PWRcor™


10.  C O N T E M P O R A R Y fit meets functional

9.   Feels like yoga apparel because honestly they are, …hello PWRcor™ waistband

8.   V neck is my favorite uniform scrub top feature and is paired with side knit panels which increases the scrub top tailored presentation

7.   The top and especially the bottom feels snug in a good way like in a gentle compression type of way

6.  Honestly, the pants make me smile because they remind me of when I was a cheerleader from grade 7-12 #feelslikespandex

5.  About 2 minutes of putting on these scrubs I tripped on my living room table and the fabric (thank gosh!!!!) is so durable that nothing ripped and there is not even a run 🙂

4. Side knit panel pockets on the top and side cargo pockets are very functional, but the ones on the butt are more so for sass (insert laughing emoji here)

3.  Two words: Long Top. For me, I love a longer scrub top because as an occupational therapist who gets up close and personal with patients and frequently has to lift, bend, or crouch–I never want to be in the predicament of my lower back or let’s just be real–my bottom to be shown. This may not be the case if you have a shorter torso, in that case you may want to size down or consider looking at the Urbane Essentials line which is less “top long”

2.  Biggest critique: for me personally at 5’6″, 135 lbs it is my norm to wear a size S in tops and bottoms – but although these pants feel like yoga meets pajamas – they are a little short and I find that they shrink a little bit (so I recommend not drying the pants)

1.  The seams along the side of the top are literally called “princess seams”, so therefore I have decided I am a therapy princess when I wear them (WILL TRADE MY not pictured MASK FOR A CROWN)

You can find the Women’s Ultimate V-Neck With Knit Panels linked here!!

You can find the Women’s Ultimate Yoga Pant with PWRcor™ Waistband linked here!!

From the two above mentioned linked sites, you can choose the option of finding a store near you or option to shop online.

Any questions about the scrubs?

Trying to decide which line or fit is best for you??

Comment below:)

with love,


Disclosure: I am an ambassador of Landau Uniforms and Urbane Scrubs 
and receive a small compensation for sharing my insights.

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