In this blog

you will find tidbits of my reflections as an occupational therapist, interviews with other OT practitioners, tidbits from when I was a OT graduate student, flashbacks from Level 1 and Level 2 fieldwork clinical rotations, occupational therapy tips, bits and pieces of osteopathic medicine (doctor wife life), year in review reflections, product reviews on medical apparel, and more.

I will also be sharing links to my published works from other blogs and websites here as well, which includes my most honorable publication visible on American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) which reflects on my interactions with a grumpy old lady patient. Read that specific article titled “With Love: Thoughts on Being an Empathetic OT Practitioner” here!

I am by no means an expert on the topics I share (have been an occupational therapy practitioner for 5 years and counting) – so please give me grace as I openly share my perspective. I hope to be a positive influence on others and I think highly of constructive feedback I receive! My blog is meant to inspire and advocate for what is near and dear to my heart!

Before you speak, let your words

pass through three gates:

Is it true?

Is it necessary?

Is it kind?


Finally, I am glad you are here and hope you stay awhile:)

Say Hi and tell me something good! I’d love to chat with you!

Reach me through email Shannenmarie.ot@gmail.com ! I am most active on Instagram where you can follow me @shannenmarie_ot

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*No distribution of materials is permitted without expressed written permission. Consult a licensed medical professional before implementing any mentioned interventions.

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