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OT Settings Series: Acute Care Occupational Therapy with Emily Saucier

Did someone say occupational therapy and acute care? Next up on our #OTSettingsSeries is Emily Saucier, OTR/L. Emily Saucier, OTR/L graduated with her masters in OT from Rockhurst University in 2016. Emily splits time between 2 urban Level 1 Trauma Centers in Kansas City. When not working, Emily enjoys spending time with her husband, 2 littles, and big dog Arnold. She loves reading, traveling, and speaking Spanish any chance she gets...

Academia and Community-Based Occupational Therapy Practice with Erin Jeffords, MS, OTR/L, CBIS
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OT Settings Series: Academia, Community-Based Practice, and Occupational Therapy with Erin Jeffords

The #OTSettingsSeries is back to help dispel the myth that occupational therapy practitioners can only work in hospitals. Today, you all are privy to learning from Erin Jeffords, MS, OTR/L, CBIS, who has over 10 years of OT practice under belt with experiences varying from neuro rehab, geriatrics, community-based practice, and academia...

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OT Settings Series: Health Coaching, Lactation Education, Functional Health, and Occupational Therapy with Andrea Muncada

Did you think that occupational therapists can only work at hospitals? Think again! Excited to re-kick off the OT Settings Series in order to share insight from OT practitioners that work across the gamut of places and settings. Today, you all are privy to gain insight from an occupational therapist who is a jack-of-all trades kind of gal. Andrea Muncada, MS, OTR/L, CLVT, LEC, 500 YTT, has over 10 years of experience as an occupational therapist in both traditional and less traditional settings. Today we will be interviewing Andrea in her experience working as a holistic health coach, lactation educator, and functional health therapist...

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Non-Traditional Careers in Occupational Therapy

There are significant opportunities for non-traditional careers in occupational therapy. Whether you’re interested in connecting with fellow practitioners or patients through social media, working directly with occupational therapy students as a professor, or even starting your own occupational therapy practice, there is something for everyone...

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2019 Holiday Occupational Therapy Gift Guide

Somehow we have jumped from October to a very, very quick early December, which means Christmas is just around the corner. Now the reason for the season is not about gifts ---despite what commercials and advertisements may whisper to you--Happy birthday Jesus!! But,,,, I for one enjoy being a gift giver which brings me to… Continue reading 2019 Holiday Occupational Therapy Gift Guide

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SENIORS FLOURISH: Part Two-How to Perform a Stereognosis Assessment in Occupational Therapy

Before you peruse through this excerpt of my article published on Seniors Flourish, make sure to read Part One first which goes over the WHOWHATWHENWHEREWHY. The full part 2 of my 3 part article series written for Mandy Chamberlain's Seniors Flourish Blog can be found HERE! Here is a little bit from the article, "There are multiple… Continue reading SENIORS FLOURISH: Part Two-How to Perform a Stereognosis Assessment in Occupational Therapy

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Incoming First Year OT Student Tips

Tis the season for BACK TO SCHOOL and for most of you reading this right now, you are either in the midst of applying to OTCAS for next year's admission entrance or are hopefully making the most out of your last few weeks of freedom before starting your first year as OT / OTA students… Continue reading Incoming First Year OT Student Tips

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ACCEPTED: What It Means to Be an Occupational Therapist

In the spring of 2019 I was interviewed by ACCEPTED which is a company who prides itself on helping others "start you journey to acceptance". Their company allows you to get teamed up with an admissions expert to help you confidently apply to graduate schools such as MBA admissions, Medical school admissions, Law school admissions, and more.… Continue reading ACCEPTED: What It Means to Be an Occupational Therapist

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Occupational Therapy in Home Health

OT in Home Health Overview  Before we can consider occupational therapy’s significant role in home health let’s first define what home health may consist of. What is Home Health? Simply put – Home Health IS what it sounds like. In its basic forms, it is medical care provided in a patient’s home. Oftentimes, the care… Continue reading Occupational Therapy in Home Health