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Scrub Review: So Smitten for Fitness

Smitten Scrubs "RESPECT your body. FUEL your body. MOVE your body. CHALLENGE your body. L O V E your body.    The Collection >>>>>>> Smitten for         fitness, fierceness, and fashion!       Smitten Scrubs help me remember that work is not just work. Wearing these active scrubs with attitude and personality… Continue reading Scrub Review: So Smitten for Fitness

scrub review

Scrub Review : Maevn Magic

  When you look good, you feel good and when you can wear clothing that is basically the daytime equivalent to pajamas --well, you feel great!! After three months in the real world as an occupational therapist (#promOTe) in the hospital setting, I am in scrubs five to six days a week; I'm so much… Continue reading Scrub Review : Maevn Magic