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Landau Proflex Curved Hem Top and Cargo Pant with PWRcor™ Waistband vs Urbane Impulse Collection Review

I have come to the conclusion that I wear scrubs more than I wear “real” clothes!

No need to even attempt to hide it Lordttt!!!! Thankfully (both to my wallet and to my self-image), I have been partnering with Landau Uniforms and Urbane Scrubs for the past 3 years now so because of that I have had the honor of trying many of their different styles and fits. (Did ya know: Landau Uniforms encompasses Urbane Scrubs?? More on that later…)

In this blog post, I will be sharing about two specific scrub sets that portray very different fits and styles.

Let’s get it poppin’

I will be sharing which one I prefer over the other based on my personal preferences and situations. PSA both pairs of these scrubs are getting their use I can promise you that. Remember that your body type and your sensory preferences may sway you more to one scrub set vs the other and that is perfectly okay:)

My body style (I guess…? #idkanymore) in my opinion is classified as slim athletic, so I tend to feel my best in scrub fits that are movable, flexible, and durable.


Your body is uniquely yours and ya don’t have to give it a label; I think “slim athletic” describes my shape, but that can change based on how much Ice cream I ate that day;)

In regard to feel, I typically prefer scrubs with a “cooling”, dry-fit style material as my Irish blood tends to boil (no, really my dad’s entire family lives in Northern Ireland:)… does that make me permanently lucky(: ?? ).

Basically, I am hot-natured and in conjunction with the high movement, moderately physical elements of my job as an occupational therapist in a rehabilitative setting, I gravitate toward scrubs that are moisture wicking.

As an occupational therapist I cannot help but to also point out my other big sensory preference. In addition to “cooling” scrubs styles, I prefer tighter fitting (picture yoga pants – that are stretchy but tighter to your body feeling). As far as style goes, I *usually like figure flattering and simplicity (at least most of the time) and deep pocket styles.

Okay so before we dive into the scrubs sets…

here is a little why I LOVE LANDAU!

A few tokens of appreciation in my continuing collaborations with Landau Uniforms:

  • their customer service is very nice
  • their marketing team who communicates with any ambassadors is by far the most prompt in answering any questions / responding to feedback
  • they have been around the block for a good long while (#familyoriented)
  • their scrubs are always dependable and durable
  • their response to feedback even negative feedback is excellent
  • they continue to come out with new designs

Brief Review of Landau Proflex Curved Hem Top and Cargo Pant with PWRcor™ Waistband

*For reference: I am 5’6″, ~135 pounds; I am wearing a Size Small in both Tops and Bottoms

Landau Proflex Curved Hem Top (4169)

Materials: 73% Poly/25% Rayon/2% Span

Impressions: Top is true to size although if you have more muscular shoulders or prefer more “T-shirt” feeling sleeves around your shoulders/armpits, I would suggest sizing up. I love that this top does not ride up and that the curved hemline, angled seams, and V-neck is stylish but not over-dramatic. Very functional with top pockets and an accessory pocket on the left with an overall tailored girly fit.

Landau Cargo Pant With PWRcor™ Waistband (2045)

Materials: 73% Poly/25% Rayon/2% Span

Impressions: Definitely recommend sizing up, but holy cannoli I feel sleek in these cargo pants. The PWRcor Compression waist is excellent, but I’d prefer a size up for a little less support (this may not be true for you!). These pants really hit the mark in durability, sportiness, anti-rolling waistband, and functionality of multiple pockets (literally back, side, and accessory). And the best feature to me is the “cool” (temperature) feeling that they offer.

Impulse V-Neck Top With Elastic Trim (9105)

Materials: 76% Poly/ 24% Spandex.

Impressions: True to size. I definitely describe these scrubs as fancy and glam. This top is slim-fitting, but provides 360 degree stretch so basically no restrictions on movement. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they mesh accent on the V-neck is not scratchy at all. There are multiple pockets and a badge loop. Basically, these are the “nice scrubs” you save for when you have presentations or in-services”

Impulse Jogger With Elastic Trim (9208)

Materials: 76% Poly/ 24% Spandex

Impressions: True to size. Like I referenced about the matching top, these extremely stretchy joggers with mesh trim around the bottom are all glam! When provided a choice between joggers and straight leg styles, I always pick straight leg; however, in this case, I feel very happy with the way these look and feel on my body. My only critique is that the two hip pockets are angled; I prefer straight across pockets as a personal preference. These are definitely contemporary and will draw attention to you!

This or That : Landau Proflex w/PWRcor vs Urbane Impulse Edition

>>>>>will be going, gooooooiiing all day long: Landau Proflex with PWRcor Waistband

>>>>>feeling like I need a pick-me-up in mood: Urbane Scrubs Impulse

>>>>>desiring to look “dressier”: Urbane Scrubs Impulse

>>>>>wanting more support: Landau Proflex with PWRcor Waistband

>>>>craving a durable, classic fit: Landau Proflex with PWRcor Waistband

Final thoughts: Ultimately, both of these scrub sets offer varied intricacies which make them unique from each other. Of the two during this season of “2020 crazies”, I prefer the Urbane Scrubs Impulse set because they help me feel a little more fun and dazzley wearing them under my gown, gloves, N95, and face shield. #2020things

Okay, but which of all the scrubs you have tried are your favorite??” …. my Favorite of All-time Scrub set continues to be Urbane Scrubs Align Collection !!! THOSE ARE MY JAM!! AHH NEED THOSE IN EVERY COLOR!!! I have the Urbane Align V-Neck Tunic Top and the Align Straight Leg Pant with PWRcor. They just came out with a new top that I haven’t tried yet called the Align Top with Knit Panels (***dreamy)….

I can continue to rave but this blog post is getting a little (or a lottle) too long.

‘Til next time!!

All my love,


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