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SENIORS FLOURISH: Part One- Stereognosis in OT: Who What When Where Why

Super stoked to have written for Mandy Chamberlain from the Seniors Flourish Website, Podcast, and Learning Lab.

I wrote a 3 part article series on STEREOGNOSIS!


You can read the full article on Seniors Flourish’s site by clicking HERE!

PS If you are interested in joining her LEARNING LAB and get access to hundreds of treatment videos, patient handouts, journal club, private fb group, and trainings consider checking out this link by clicking HERE! AND for a discount use code SHANOT:107

From the article, “Stereognosis is for the person WHO has ever experienced not being able to find their alarm clock on their bedside table in the dark of the morning.

Stereognosis is WHAT is attempting to occur when you try to feel around to shut off the alarm without turning on the light to see.

Stereognosis ponders the scenario – Imagine you are driving in your car, stereognosis is WHEN you can stick your hand into your glovebox, use your touch perception, and successfully find your sunglasses without taking your eyes off the road. This is also referred to as a community mobility safety win!

Stereognosis is the WHERE and WHY does your ability to discriminate between objects without looking even matter?”

You will learn about…

WHO can be affected?

WHAT exactly is stereognosis?

WHEN does occupational therapy have a role?

WHERE do we get supplies for stereognosis assessment and activities?

WHY does OT have a seat at the stereognosis table?

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