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COVALENT CAREERS: What to Do and See in New Orleans During AOTA

April 2019 has came and went and man was it fabulous. I wrote a “travelogue style” post for Covalent Careers with some pretty epic recommendations of places to see, foods to try, and nighttime outings to venture toward amidst all of the learning that our national occupational therapy conference provides us with. Click here to view the entire article!

Here is a little snippet from my article posted on Covalent Careers:

“Why I’m excited to share NOLA with you

Raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where the Big Easy was only an hour and fifteen-minute drive away, I can recall vivid memories from my childhood and early adulthood in the city. I remember going on a 6th grade field trip to the Audubon Zoo (which fell on my 12th birthday), tailgating in preparation for a Saints win (#whodat), attending Mardi Gras parades, and as an adult trying on engagement rings with my boyfriend (now husband). I’ve spent time devouring King Cake and beignets, attending one of my OT school friend’s weddings in the St. Louis Cathedral, and everything in between. New Orleans has something for everybody, and I am ecstatic to share her charismatic beauty with all of you!

New Orleans is one of those places where you can spend weeks at a time and still find new places to explore and appreciate. The Big Easy is truly a city that reflects tradition, celebration, and resilience. Not even “The Storm” –Hurricane Katrina—could bring the city, or its people, down.

Imagine jazz sounds humming in the streets and savory (sometimes overwhelming) smells floating through the air. Picture historic shotgun houses ornately paired with rustic iron details hiding beautiful courtyards. Think of the blended culture deeply rooted in Caribbean influences and Eastern traditions. They’re all waiting to invite you to experience the mystery of the city.

That’s why we at CovalentCareers are excited to share our top places to explore, eat, and drink. Cheers to a list that maximizes your power to prepare for your visit to one of the most enthralling and unique destinations in the country! So let’s gear up for the AOTA conference in New Orleans.”

In sum you if you dare to click here to view the article, you will learn about…

  • Good EATS & Sweet TREATS
  • Reasons to Attend Conference

Let the good times roll! Or as the Cajun French say, “Laissez les bons temps rouler!”

With love,


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