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AOTA: Five Back to School Tips for OT and OTA Students

My heart is happy every year around the time when it is the BACKTOSCHOOL season. I know I am weird, but I loved school and one day will likely go back because learning and education never go out of style!!

I am honored to have published my second publication for the American Occupational Therapy Association.

Click here to view the entire article!

Inspired by students that have shadowed me in the past few years in addition to the feelings of nostalgia that overcome my being during BACKTOSCHOOL season, I wrote this article to inspire and challenge first year OT and OTA students in their education efforts. In the article I expand on the below 5 key points:

  1. Make Friends

  2. Do the Finance Dance

  3. Self-care before Healthcare

  4. Embrace the Learn Burn

  5. “It Depends” Will be your Mantra

Enjoy and happy learning!

With Love,


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