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Therabox: Review of Free Spirit Box

Therabox is a self-care subscription box company with a mantra to help others unbox happiness, take charge of one’s well-being, and to build unique self-care routines.

The Therabox team states,

There’s a reason why you’re here today…Whatever your reason for joining our TheraTribe, we couldn’t be more honored and humbled to be part of your self-care routine! We know self-care looks different fro everyone, and hope our assortment of mind + body fun self-care goodies will serve as a gentle monthly reminder to prioritize your happiness and take care of you for a change!”


When I read that above statement on their site, I pretty much was already sold:) !For awhile I have been eyeing their lovely boxes with wonder. When I found out that they were going to gift me with one of their beloved boxes in exchange for a genuine, I felt anxious with anticipation much like a kid during December counting down the days till Christmas morning. Below you will learn more about their products in this box as well as my subjective feedback. Each product has an embedded link that you may click on to be directed to their site!


RIDDLE OIL | Original Scented Roll On Oil Perfume, $50

RIDDLE: This was one the products in the box I was most excited about. I have heard of this company before. I think it’s pretty neat and fairly well does what the product motive is. The idea is that the scent of your skin combines with the warm fragrance tones of amber and light musk to create a signature “Original” scent unique to you. It smells nice, is not overpowering, and smells more like a clean powder moreso than a perfume to me; I like it because it appears like it is very long lasting especially since it is a roll on. In addition, I like the small size which makes it portable and accessible and because the scent is an oil base the fragrance seems to last well! Con: a little on the pricey side!


KOCOSTAR | Lemon Slice Mask, $5

My childhood was pre-instagram era, so self-care as a preteen and teen consisted of sleepovers, too much candy, and messy and fun facemasks.  This is the most inexpensive product in the bag and is a fan favorite to me because it inadvertently made me laugh, smile, reminisce, and feel fresher after using it. I like that the mask is easily removable, much like a sticker. It ACTUALLY smells like lemons! I felt like the mask calmed my skin and in essence kind of woke me up. Also, not as important but to me it matters – it looks cute:) . Con: you have to use the set of 12 up within 1-2 days after opening otherwise it may become dry; however, a great solution is to share the fun with your friends or spouse


VERMILLION COSMETICS | 5 Hyaluronic Lip Hydration Masks, $12

I instantly LOL’d when I saw these before I tried them – which is the point- I believe the makers of this product want you to smile when you see their outlandish but enthralling lip masks. My lips felt notably softer after the second time I used the lip mask as well as felt cool on my lips which is a much welcomed feeling after a day at the beach (which always makes my lips dry). I admire this company for taking extra measures to to be Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Allergen-Free, Gluten-Free, Sulfate-Free and Paraben-Free as well. Con: May leave your lips feeling a little wet, but goes away after about 20 minutes


MASKERAIDE | Spotted Detoxifying Blemish Patches, $6

I have to say that the name of this product is genius and “spot on” hahaha. Unfortunately, I have yet to “grow out of” having blemishes, so I quite enjoyed trying the blemish patches out. the salicylic acid is key in helping rid some of the impurities. I value that they can be worn overnight and then peeled off easily in the morning. I did notice that some of my blackheads were literally extracted so that is a plus. Fair price for the product. Con: left my skin a little red after peeling off, but the redness disappeared after about 10 minutes and it did not hurt when I peeled it off


LIFEWAY | Traveler’s Defense + Immunity Probiotic Supplements, $24

I will be honest and upfront when I say that I do not take my daily vitamins as often as I should nor do I take supplements at all. This is why I am gracious to Lifeway for their probiotic supplement contribution to the Therabox collection, but I am also honest enough to state that I did not try this product due to my own personal reasons. Instead I had a dear friend of mine try them and hear is what she excitedly said, “The capsules are easy to swallow…I did not have any difficulty in ingesting them. I also liked that I could not taste the capsule as I swallowed it. I think in addition to adding more exercise into my routine, my digestive system is moving more quickly. I will be using these in preparation for trip when I have to travel for multiple days to help me stay ‘regular’. I think it helps propel things forward (makes you go to the bathroom). One con is that I would like to learn more about how this capsule is regulated. Other than that I am pleased!”


CORPOSE SANCTUM | Rebalance me Aloe Vera Moisturizing Ampoule, $19

Skin practice is all the rage right now and for good reason. We are coming off of the summer highs and making slow headway to cooler weather which means its extra important to stay on top of hydrating our skin. The purpose of the Rebalance cream is to maintain the skin’s correct pH balance. After trying out this product my skin felt softer and soothed. I think the smell from the blend of the Aloe Vera + Green Tea extract is an added positive bonus. I would suggest to use very little each time, because as the product line states the product is potent and a little goes a long way (i.e. it kind of tingles as it goes into your skin). Con: It  does leave your face feeling a little wet afterwards, but successfully does not feel sticky!


VIVOO | VIVOO  4-Strip pack, $24.90

This one was a little out of my normal comfort zone, but it is definitely intriguing. Vivoo prides itself on being a personal wellness assistant by using the data from your body (through a urine sample that you upload a picture of the strip to the app) to promote a nutrition and wellness plan. Therefore it is very high tech; the app can be downloaded and is user friendly. I think the concept is interesting and find it very enticing that they use registered dietitians and nutritionists to address the recommended individual diet plans. I believe there is great merit, but one con is that I personally feel that it is important to include your primary care doctor into anything that may change your health routine.


XPAND | Xpand Original No-Tie Lacing System in white, $9.99

Love these! As an occupational therapist who works predominantly with the older adult population, one of the most common complaints and requests I hear from them is difficulty in tying their shoes due to decreased functional reach, balance, coordination, etc and/or the desire to find a solution for this. I love that they fit in so easily and can fit in different tennis shoes. I noticed that the laces did not break and remained pretty taut throughout my wear which I think is probably due to the elastic rubber and the fiber reinforced resin. Con: I think that they should be just slightly longer, but all in all are great to “put your best foot forward”


Thank you to Therabox for gifting me with your FREE SPIRIT THERABOX. I also wish gratitude to the above mentioned contributors of the varied wellness providers. Thank you each for your generosity and intention in helping others like me in our wellness and self-care routine.

THERABOX: Spreading happiness, one box at a time”

Disclaimer: I reviewed these above products in collaboration with a sponsored box by Therabox. This post is subjective and I encourage you to make your own educated (not to mention excited and filled with anticipation) judgments on the aforementioned products. This post is not in any way to be taken as medical advice. If you want to learn more about Therabox and the types of products they serve please click the below links to be redirected to the set sites.

With love,





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