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Scrub Review: Urbane Ultimate(ly your best u)

Urbane Ultimate :   Your Best U.

The Collection>>>>>>>>>

As women we are powerful. Not only that but we are EXCEPTIONAL and deserve to feel our best self as we care for others. As healthcare providers and women we deserve to feel comfortable in our own skin, listened to by others, and allow ourselves feel pretty at work while knowing we are competent in our area of practice.


Urbane Ultimate Scrub Collection does this and more! For those seeking to feel polished and professional without sacrificing comfort, then this collection warrants a closer look!!  

The blended fabric in the scrubs ensures comfort. They are soft to the touch and are likely to increase your confidence! To me I enjoy how the fabric is moveable but is a little bit heavier than other scrub brands, making the scrub set simultaneously more durable.


Urbane Womens Chloe  Sweetheart Neck Tunic>>>

“Size Small in Graphite”

Flattering necklines are hard to come by. Sometimes necklines are too short or too high. This top from the Urbane Ultimate collection will flatter small or large busted women with the sweetheart shape and flat binding. To amp up the style and storage factor there is detailed front and back side swooped double pockets with flirty curves. My favorite aspect from this scrub line is the way the top drapes across me in a tailored fit!  


Urbane Womens Ultimate 9300 Bailey Cargo Pant>>>

“Size Small in Graphite”

Soft feel and natural fit. These scrub pants deliver a bootcut silhouette in addition to the illusion on no drawstring due to flat front side waistband with the secret inner drawstring. Medium sized front scoop pockets mirror the swooped pockets that are on the scrub top complete with stitching and a functional cargo  pocket on the right leg. The straight leg feature ensures that you don’t have any of those moments like feeling like your scrubs are stuck to you like yoga pants. I love love this feature. Overall, these are a durable and flattering win!!




With love,


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