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Scrub Review: Landau Made Better (Be Better)


Landau : Made Better

The Collection>>>>>>>>>>>

5 Fast Facts why I love the “Made Better” scrub set by Landau Uniforms…

  1. Durability. I can wash these with my regular clothes and they will stay true to color.
  2. Fit. Speaking of washing, I LOVE that I can wash and dry the top and bottom and the bottom remains having the professional and aesthetically pleasing pleated straight leg look.
  3. Unique. Whereas the top is fitted more casually, the bottom scrubs are perfect to showcase a more fun, lighthearted side of healthcare. (They look less sterile and hospital-like)
  4. No stomach worries. All of Landau’s scrub tops have that needed and appreciated extra length in the top which allows you to trust your gut to bend and reach and move without the fretting of praying that your shirt does not ride up.
  5. Pockets. Large pockets are my muse and this top especially has great front pockets perfect for holding a mini clipboard or better yet… an in between patients kind of quick snack.


Landau Women’s V-Neck Four  Pocket Scrub Top

“Size Small in Steel Gray”

Can you say pockets!! Favorite part of the top is the fact that I have four front patch pockets that are large and sturdy, ready to help me take on my day and stay organized. This top is more casual with a loose fitting, classic style. The  V-neckline is a solid touch. Extra length is provided on the top which helps me to stay covered when I am bending and moving throughout my shift.


Landau Women’s Elastic Waist Scrub Pant

“Size Small in Steel Gray”

Beside the obvious unique glam factor of having tapered pants with an elegant front sewn seam, these pants are comfortable and lightweight. I like the fit of these pants through my waistline. 

The elastic is stretchy rather than restricting which is a positive factor for many body types. The pants sit above the waist and with a poly/cotton fabric mix, I can be worry-free about sweat (or body fluids) remaining visible! 


With love,


***This post is sponsored by Landau Uniforms. I am an ambassador for this company and receive gifted apparel and small monetary compensation. If you have further questions in regard to this apparel line please reach out and comment below.***


Click here to view where to buy close to you!!

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