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AOTA: With Love – Thoughts on Being an Empathetic OT Practitioner

Every person we interact with has a story. Every patient we treat may not be the kindest. Kind or not kind, underneath a hard outer shell is usually somebody who is hurting inside in some way. This article is published on American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). I wrote the majority of this article while riding a stationary bike at the gym I go to. I could not seem to let go of her face while exercising, despite being “off the clock” and out of the hospital. The words came fast to me because of the cascade of events from the previous days in which I was treating this particular elder female who was not nice. She does not having any idea the profound impact she had on me in regards to increasing my empathetic perspective towards her and toward current and future patients hurting like her.

>>>>>Read the article published on AOTA‘s site here!



With love,


I would love to hear from you guys — what story or experience reminds you to take a step back, be reflective, and apply empathy to the situation???? Comment below!

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